We are HouseAfrica


"We are changing the way of making things possible.

providing the platform to fund affordable Homes for the 200M people in Africa.”

“ We bring transparency, low minimums, project-by-project investment and ease of transaction for investors and real profit. ”

Raise funds to build 200M homes around Africa, one at a time.

Our primary focus at HouseAfrica is to bridge the huge housing deficit gap plaguing the continent. Staggering at 200M, UNICEF study reveals that the number of people without homes in Africa will increase by 40% in 2050. It is clear with figures like this that there is an urgent need for affordable housing throughout the 54 countries, hence we are building beautiful homes for the low and mid income earners.

Our strategy is simple - Using blockchain technology(HouseAfrica Platform) we:

  • Tokenize the investment process for the investors. (investors can invest as little as he/she wants on a particular project and receive Return on Investment (ROI) at a stated period. The proceeds from successful project is shared 50/50 between HouseAfrica and the investors.)
  • Help the home buyer get easy access to the house with our "Rent-to-Own" strategy (they can pay on installment for a period of 3 years and receive their legal ownership document when payment is completed.)

Our Approach

  • We make it possible to invest and make a good return while also contributing to something good.
  • We are expanding our borrower network throughout Africa, and aim to keep growing beyond borders. Our investor network is global.
  • We make it possible to get funding for projects that might otherwise be overlooked by traditional funding streams.
  • We do this with complete transparency.
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Our Mission

Provide easy access to affodable housing in Africa

We aim to solve the Housing deficit plaguing Africa as a result of slow, inefficient, fragmented and obscure private real estate funding by using the latest technology, data and process efficiency to more accurately assign risk profiles and project viability, while greatly reducing time and cost of investment underwriting for investors with real estate projects that are overlooked or rejected by banks and traditional lenders.

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