Own a house by paying Rents

Our Rent-to-Own Scheme helps home buyers to pay for house with as little as they can afford for a long period of time.


Select from your Dream house from our listing and apply

Make Commitment

Once your application is accepted, pay Aappliction fee and make first commitment

Move In

Move into your house as you are paying the rest payment as rent payment

No Property found

No Property found

Why Rent to Own is better than the traditional mortgage

Move in Quicker

With our rent to own houses, renters can usually move in within a week or two of the deal being made and the documentation being signed

Fully in Charge

When the Users move in, they get full control over the home, meaning they can make adjustments and improvements where they see fit.

Your Rent becomes investment

With our rent to own houses, the rent money goes toward the purchase of the home, making it an easier way for most renters to invest in a home.

Reduced Tax

This makes it easy for the Users to save money until they own the home

We are not Alone

Our guarantees is beyond our Technolgy. Every housing projects will be will be supervised by HouseAfrica using trusted third party companies

Construction Company.

International company or local market leader that controlls development and construction. of the Housing Projects

Legal Company

Legal Company, that takes care of all legal issues and makes investment safe for investors. Your Investment will be protected by law.


An independent service that keeps all the money and guarantees the safety.

Asset Managing Company

Company that manages all the develope Assets and ensures maximum income.

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