Make Housing Affordable for Everyone

HouseAfrica is a Blockchain based Platform that allows you buy fraction of housing properties and make returns when they are sold or rented

Invest in Property.

Buy into early stage housing projects with fund as little as you can afford.

Rent To Own

Become a house owner by paying as little as you can afford for atleast 3years

Earn Returns

Make at least 9 - 20% returns annually from your investments on building projects.


Odogwu Estate

K/M 20 Port Harcourt ExpressWay, Oyibo, River State

Odogwu Estate consist of 5 units of 2 bedroom and 5 units of 3 badroom bungalow

  • $100,000Needed
  • 45%ROI
  • 10Units
  • 1800sqmsize


Padre Estate

KM150, Badagry Expressway, Lagos

Odogwu Estate consist of 20 units of 2 bedroom and 10 units 3 of badroom bungalow

  • $500,000Needed
  • 52%ROI
  • 30Units
  • 18000sqmsize


The Young Estate

Ibeju Lekki, Lagos State.

Odogwu Estate consist of 15 units of 2 bedroom and 5 units of 3 badroom bungalow

  • $300,000Needed
  • 62%ROI
  • 20Units
  • 12000sqmsize
2 Bedroom Bunglow

150KM, Badagry Expressway, Lagos

3 Bedroom Bunglow

Ibeju Lekki, Lagos State.

2 Bedroom Bunglow

20KM Port Harcourt ExpressWay, Oyibo, River State

With Blockchain Technology Integration, It is possible.

Converts Building Projects into digital tokens which is backed by investment bond to square meters. Payments and contracts signing are driven by smart contracts. Your identity is secured

Bond Tokens.

Holds your investment as POI(Proof of Investment)

Smart Contracts.

Secure your Deals and Transcations


Secure your Identity


Decentralized File System

See your return on investment

This an exmaple the value may change based the the project

Investment value — $100 per 1 sqm
12 months* $120
24 months* $140
36 months* $160

As an Investor

Invest in early housing project and make more passive income.

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As A Developer

Looking to fund your building project fast and pay back with a little interest

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We are not Alone

Our guarantees is beyond our Technolgy. Every housing projects will be will be supervised by HouseAfrica using trusted third party companies

Construction Company.

International company or local market leader that controlls development and construction. of the Housing Projects

Legal Company

Legal Company, that takes care of all legal issues and makes investment safe for investors. Your Investment will be protected by law.


An independent service that keeps all the money and guarantees the safety.

Asset Managing Company

Company that manages all the develope Assets and ensures maximum income.

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